Low Voltage Holiday Detector Pinhole Detector

Low Voltage Holiday Detector Pinhole Detector
Low Voltage Holiday Detector Pinhole Detector
Product Description

Low Voltage Holiday Detector Pinhole Detector

The multi-voltage Pinhole Detector, which uses the wet sponge principle to detect through pinholes, cracks and damaged areas in coatings.

Operation is by the application of a wet sponge to the coating. The water will be used as wetting agent penetrates any pinhole and makes a conductive path through to the substrate, the PD990 automatically detects this conductive path and sounds an audible alarm and also gives a visual warning by a flashing red indicator that a pinhole fault has been detected. The flaw can now be marked for repair and further testing resumed.

The PD990 has selectable test low voltages of 9 Volt / 67.5 Volt and 90 Volt which comply with ASTM specifications. Generally 9V will test up to 300 micron and 90 Volt will test up to 500 micron. Pinhole / Porosity Standards ASTM G62-A, ASTM G6, ASTM D 4787, ASTM D-5162, AS38942, BS 7793-2, BS EN ISO 8289 A (Wet Sponge Testing), NACE RP0274- 98, NACE RP 0188 and ASl580.485.1 describe the use of pinhole detection.

The pinhole detector is supplied ready to use in a carrying case complete with handle sponge, earth cable and battery fitted.




Wet Sponge Pinhole Tester 9/675 / 90 Volts


Calibration Certificate


Handle for Wet Sponge 30omm


Standard Wand Sponge 170mm x 55mm x 30mm

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